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About Us

Our Background

Our team members include responsive and readily-accessible service coordinators and experienced and professional direct care associates. As their name suggests, service coordinators are the staff responsible for coordinating the interactions between clients and care associates. Our team of associates provides expert support for people from all age groups and races requiring assistance in the emotional, behavioral, psychological, social, and other relevant aspects of their lives. Since you decide the location of this support and advice, our experts will be present at your place of residence or within your community when necessary.

About Service Coordinators

Our service coordinators will carefully evaluate and review your requests to introduce you to an associate with relevant expertise. They are always by your side to help you find a specialist who best suits your needs. The service coordinators convey the necessary information about the clients needing help to the associates and inform them about the social resources available for them and their families and the service delivery schedule.

Associates Providing Direct Care

Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable associates dedicates their time to supporting people with developmental, psychological, behavioural, emotional, etc. Challenges to help clients with anxiety, distress, hyperactivity, attention deficit, autism, eating challenges, drug abuse, etc., cope with/completely cure them. To this end, in addition to their specialty disciplines, they have been trained in CPR, first aid, medical screening, social services, etc.

About Us

Families with children and youth with psychological, emotional, behavioural, and/or developmental challenges can receive our services at their homes, school, or other settings they prefer.

The background of our associates in the field of social service includes DSW, PSW, CYW, SSW, BSW, BA and more, this provides flexibility in our services and our clients are fully supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. Besides their relevant professional qualifications and educational degrees, our associates have passed a crisis intervention program approved by the ministry (UMAB, Safe Management, and CPI), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and first aid training. Also, they must have clear Vulnerable Sector Criminal Reference checks and medical clearance and complete annual accessibility, medication, and abuse awareness in-house.

Research indicates that youth and children who receive support from an experienced support worker have a better chance of success in all aspects of their lives, we offer them one support received from the teams of our experienced associates. Such an approach guarantees that the clients are provided with exceptional specialized support when they express challenging behaviors.

The Differences We Can Make

The M&E Family and Youth Support provide special care and support by applying client-oriented approach to the health of children and youth requiring our support, we aim to make a difference in their lives.

We are committed to presenting our services according to the needs of our customers to change their mindset positively and provide children and teenagers (regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age) with an opportunity to become successful individuals in their lives.

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