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Empowering Others And Partnerships

The skilled staff receiving the training ranges from personal support workers (PSW), respite workers, volunteers and family caregivers themselves. The focus is on the importance of recreation and leisure. Participation

Meeting The Needs Of People With Disabilities During The Pandemic

Almost immediately after COVID-19 hit Canada in March 2020, Amy MacFarlane, Founder and CEO of Recreational Respite, realized she had a major problem. “All of our services shut down,” she says,

Recreation May Be The Key To Disability Empowerment And Mental Wellness

I have always embraced the motto, “work hard, play hard.” I appreciate my dedication to professional goals as a mental health therapist, but my career would certainly crumble to pieces

The Canadian Social Connection Survey

We participated recently in the great and important conversation about social connection and the great loneliness epidemic. The impact of  COVID19 and how it has caused further isolation and social